Local Group Organizes Fundraisers to Help Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Local Group Organizes Fundraisers to Help Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Typhoon Haiyan hit Tacloban City the hardest.
ODESSA -- Typhoon Haiyan hit Tacloban City the hardest.

The American Red Cross says the super typhoon affected 10 million people across 40 provinces, leaving 600 thousand people displaced.

"Any support is accepted. Prayers, if they want to donate goods," said Allan Espina, president of the Filipino-American Association of the Permian Basin.

Espina says the group are organizing a garage sale to raise money for relief efforts for the Philippines.

"Whatever amount we gain from the garage sale will go directly to the Philippines. Especially to Tacloban City. And anything that we won't sell will be put in boxes and shipped to the Philippines," said Espina

Filipinos in the Permian Basin say this storm hits close to home. Even to those whose families living hours away from Tacloban.

Lissa Delossantos visits the Philippines every year and although her family was unharmed from the storm, she says she wanted to help those in need.

"I cannot imagine what they're actually feeling at this moment. Not knowing and having to start all over," said Delossantos.

Candel Wright, a member of the Filipino Association, says she has relatives who live about an hour away from Tacloban.

She says now the biggest problem is a lack of food.

"All of the farms, which is their main source of living has already been damaged," said Wright.

Wright says relief centers and evacuation areas were destroyed.

"Even the relief goods and foods were washed out. So, they had no means of having all this food and clothing to use," Wright.

It seems most Filipinos were somehow affected by the typhoon.

Even Espina has a cousin who's still missing, with the man's son flying to Tacloban searching for him

"He doesn't want to stop looking for his father but he needs to at least get out of the area for now because of the smell and the stench of dead and decaying bodies that are littering is really overpowering," Espina said.

If you would like to donate: 

American Red Cross Permian Basin Area Chapter: (432) 563-2267

Filipino-American Association of the Permian Basin:

Make check payable to: FAAPB
Send to:
P.O. Box 13296
Odessa, TX 79762
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