Local Bomb Victim Reacts To Boston Explosions

Local Bomb Victim Reacts To Boston Explosions

The explosions at the Boston Marathon have impacted our entire nation have been uniquely trying for one local woman, who suffered severe injuries after a bomb exploded in her face years ago. Jenne Anderson Reports.
MIDLAND-- Teresa Washburn is a victim of an unthinkable crime.

"Somebody put a red box on my doorstep with a bow," explained Washburn. "And I opened it right off the bat and it exploded in my face."

It took 22 surgeries, and about 12 years for Washburn to get back on her feet.

But, even to this day she still feels the pain of what happened.

"I still have pain all the time," said Washburn. "My arm hurts all the time."

And then there's the emotional trauma, which all came flying back to Washburn as she watched the explosions go off in Boston, Monday afternoon.

"I started crying last night," stated Washburn. "You see the people running, and they just fell."

Washburn tells us she's hopeful for all of the victims in Boston, who will have the support of their loved ones, and the financial backing from a special organization set up specifically for victims of crime.

"We are trained, and certified to assist victims with applying for crime victim compensation," said Midland Crisis Intervention Director, Gabriela Williams. "Which is a program from the office of the attorney general."

Crime Victim Services tells us the organization can help cover medical expenses, funeral arrangements, and even help the dependents of victims of violent crime.

"They're innocent, and nobody should have to pay for somebody else's evil," said Williams.

Washburn tells us it's that mentality that's helped carry her to recovery.

"I'm a victim, but I'm not a victim now," said Washburn. "I'm a survivor."

Even though their funds are readily available, Crisis Intervention tells us that a lot of victims across the country don't take advantage of their victims program.

Also, Washburn says they never caught the person who attacked her.
She hopes the victims of the marathon bombing get that chance at justice that she didn't.

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