Iraan Braves 2013 Football Season Preview

Iraan Braves 2013 Football Season Preview

Esteemed second year head coach Michael Kirkhhoff has the Braves looking to be in the thick of contending.

The Iraan Braves are looking faster, stronger and hungrier for the taste of success, and they have second year head coach Michael Kirchhoff to thank, who brought a whole new approach to the team.

"Last year it was hard to go on everything he put on us, but this year, we know a lot of it and we're cooperating well with it," said senior offensive/defensive lineman Michael Ortiz.

"We had some ups and downs, definite growing pains early as the kids got used to our systems," head coach Michael Kirkhhoff recalled, "but I thought down the stretch again we played pretty well so we were able to come in on August this year and it wasn't just blank slate."

Gunning and guiding the Braves will be junior Devan Griffin, who finally gets his shot after sitting behind the ranks two years as a running back.

"Now I'm finally up here and I get to lead the team," said junior quarterback/defensive back Devan Griffin, "so I feel really comfortable getting here, taking snaps, throwing the ball, running the ball, handing it off. Just leading the team whenever I need to."

"He can really move, so we're hoping that opens up part of our game there with him running the football. He's got a good arm and you know it's just a matter of getting him snaps on his reads and his coverage reads etcetera and the throwing game but he's got all the tools there to really do well," said Kirkhhoff.

Add an experienced offensive line and defense to the picture plus coach Kirchhoff's instruction, and the pieces are set for a big year in Iraan.

"As good as we're looking right now," Griffin predicts, "I'm seeing, starting out with Seagraves a win, and from there on just a win-win-win-win-win path."

Reporting from Iraan, Matthew Villanueva, Big 2 Sports.

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