Hitting a Milestone; Turning 100 Years Old

Hitting a Milestone; Turning 100 Years Old

Turning 100 years old is considered a milestone.
MIDLAND -- Turning 100 years old is considered a milestone. But, holding out for a century seems to just run in the family for one West Texas family.

Doris Rodolph is turning 100 years old and let's just say at her age...she's still got it!

"I'll be 100, August the 30th," says Doris Rodolph.

Doris says she's lived to see world events, the internet, cell phones and fashion trends. But nothing compares to watching her mother, Laudee Rodolph turn 100 years old in 1984.

"I think so, it runs in the family a little," explains Doris.

Crediting her genes, Doris also says her longevity is in part to living a healthy lifestyle.

"I love everyday. I've played a lot of tennis when I was younger and a lot of golf," says Doris. She also says she's kept her brain healthy.

"Bridge, a lot of bridge," explains Doris.

But, perhaps the secret to making it to a century is the passion she still has when her fingers touch the keys of the piano. During the great depression, Doris' father encouraged her to play the piano. He saw it as a way for his daughter to got to college and succeed.

"He was very special to me, he really loved me a lot," explains Doris.

With a Bachelor Degree in Piano from Oklahoma College for Women, Doris went on to get her Masters in Piano at Oklahoma University.

"I did not miss a single note on that recital," says Doris.

Doris is 1 of 14 kids in her family and at 100 years old she still drives inside her retirement community to and from meals. Maybe 100 is the new 80?

Happy Birthday Doris!
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