Halliburton Leases New Lodge to House Employees

Halliburton Leases New Lodge to House Employees

Iron Horse Ranch housing 230 employees and growing
Odessa -- Like many oil-related companies,  Halliburton is so busy these days they're having to bring in experienced employees from other parts of the country to work here in the Permian Basin. Problem is there's not many places to live. But luckily, the oilfield service giant has found a solution.

They're leasing the Iron Horse Ranch, a new employee lodging facility west of Odessa, to house 230 workers and counting.

"It's kind of a home away from home," said Brad Benton, Halliburton cement supervisor and Iron Horse Ranch resident.
In some ways, it may even be a little better than home.

"We have a pool table that my wife won't allow. Got a ping pong table. Full basketball court," said Benton. "There's always something to do."

It operates 24-7.

"I don't get scolded for coming in here at midnight...or one or two in the morning to shoot pool because I can't sleep," he said.
Some other perks include 24-hour dining, 24-hour security, a housekeeping and laundry service, a workout facility, a theater and an arcade to name a few. But perhaps the biggest perk of all...it's completely free for employees.

"It's Halliburton's best effort to accommodate what we need," Benton said.
For the hardworking employees that live there, it's a place to escape long hours on the clock. "It gives you time to relax (and) get your mind off the job," said Chris Kennedy, resident and Halliburton pump operator. "After a hard days work you can come here. Relax. Get a good shower. Get a good nights rest before you get ready to go back."

The lodge currently has 230 single occupancy rooms. Thirty more are currently under construction and are expected to be complete within the next few weeks.
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