Governement Shutdown- How The Permian Basin Will Be Affected

Governement Shutdown- How The Permian Basin Will Be Affected

Thousands of government employees will not be allowed to come into work if the Federal Government shuts down. Jenne Anderson Reports.
PERMIAN BASIN-- People here in the Basin might not notice any drastic changes if the government shuts down.

That's because Air Traffic Controllers with the FAA will still come to work; the Social Security offices will still be up and running; and employees with the National Weather Service will still come in to forecast.

But, even though these employees will still be working they won't get their paychecks until the issue in Congress is resolved.

We reached out to our viewers on the Big 2 Facebook page to see what they think about the potential shut down.

Taylor Warren wrote, "If the government shuts down, my fellow service members and I could face a loss of pay for however long they decide to not work. Meanwhile we won't have the liberty of time off from keeping them safe in their vacation homes."

Trina Niemants Albright commented, "That's the problem with Congress. They are exempt from everything that affects all the rest of us!! Shut it down!!"

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