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Giant Super Cookie Made in Return for Donations for the Boys and Girls Club

ODESSA -- It looked like a giant cookie took over a corner of Music City Mall Saturday.
ODESSA -- It looked like a giant cookie took over a corner of Music City Mall Saturday.

But it was all for a good cause.

"We serve over 3,000 children a year," said Monique Bottalico, director of community resource and development for the Boys and Girls Club of Midland.

According to Bottalico, one of the biggest challenges they face is having enough man power to help all the children they work with, on a tight budget.

"The club's open from 3:30 to 7:30 Monday through Friday and it's $10 a year," Bottalico said.

$10 dollars a year for members, which pays for programs, activities and equipment for the club.

And Bottalico says this actually costs the club $500 a year.

And to help meet their costs, a giant super cookie was called for.

"34 cakes and we put them all together and decorated as one giant cake and then we are selling slices off for donations for the Boys and Girls Club," Stephen Lowery from Great American Cookies said.

And Lowery says the super cookie totaled to be 85 square feet and weighing 500 pounds.

"We're expecting close to 1,000 people to come walk through," Lowery said.

Walk through and donate to keep activities going in the club for the children.

"They cheer you up when you're sad," said Misty Romero, a member of the club.

"We get to do different activities and we don't have to stay at home," Alexcia Gonzales, a member of the club said.

"They like entertain us that we shouldn't do bad things," said Samantha Robles, another member of the club.

Bottalico says all funds raised from this fundraiser will go towards the Boys and Girls Club of the Permian Basin.

"The door's open and keep helping kids and uh, create better futures for them" said Bottalico.

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