Garage Sale for Typhoon Haiyan victims

Garage Sale for Typhoon Haiyan victims

ODESSA -- Typhoons are common among the Philippine Islands.
ODESSA -- Typhoons are common among the Philippine Islands.

But when typhoon Haiyan caused major damage, the Philippine community in Midland and Odessa came together.

"When they said it was gonna be big, to me, it was more like, okay, we will survive. But I really didn't think it would be this big," said Pam Samaniego, whose hometown in the Philippines was also hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

Many say know have relatives or know people who were affected by the typhoon..some even losing their home.

"We're all here in the US and we know we're safe. And our family's in the Philippines and it's really gonna be hard for them, especially the people that live near the ocean," said Arita Brindle, who was helping out with the garage sale.

"I still have a little brother, he's 16 years old and he's still in the Philippines. We heard from him a few days ago so, we had some relief, hearing that they are okay and that our house made it," said Samaniego.

But she says others weren't so lucky.

So, they organized a garage sale to help with the relief efforts.

Raising money and accepting any type of donation to send to victims of the typhoon.

Two people stopped by to donate a generous amount of money. They preferred to remain anonymous.

"Anytime there's a tragedy in your family, you do what you can to help out. And these people have been great to be since I've been working with the Filipino community here so it's really nice to be able to give something back," they said.

And as a busy mom with two kids, Pam Samaniego, says typhoon Haiyan has made her think about her family here and overseas.

"This has been a great reflection on me personally. To really refocus on what's important in life. And so, when I saw the devastation in the Philippines, I couldn't help but cry and I hugged and kissed my kids, my children, my family and tell them how much I love them because we might not know if we would be able to kiss them and tell them how much we love them tomorrow," Samaniego said.

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