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Fort Davis vs. Sierra Blanca West Texas Six-Man Shootout 8/31/13

Fort Davis and Sierra Blanca open up the fourth annual McCamey ISD West Texas Six-Man Shootout


We take you to the second half, Fort Davis up on Sierra Blanca 12-8, that all changes when Marcello Vega throws a fade away pass to Fabian Ramirez, he breaks a tackle and puts Sierra Blanca in front, 16-to-12

Fort Davis, a golden opportunity to take back the lead, would lose the ball via fumble in the green zone. That makes it vaqueros ball

Which gives way to a Sierra Blanca TD, 22-12. The Indians respond. Cesar Chavez catches, shakes off two defenders and it's green pastures for him! Missed PAT makes it 22-18.

Sierra Blanca would wind down the clock to make it the final and look at the classy gesture they make towards a couple of injured Indians. 

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