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Forever Home - Philip

The Midland Humane Coalition is trying to find PHILIP a Forever Home!
MIDLAND -- The Midland Humane Coalition is trying to find PHILIP a Forever Home!

Philip is a green eyed, gray and white, 6 month old cat. He was reached from the landscaping of a Big Spring hospital. He was heard crying from beneath the brush and when they found him, they discovered his back was broken and he was paralyzed. The veterinarian who treated him never anticipated Phillip to make it through the night much less on to the full recovery, which he did. He was carefully nursed back to health and the only signs of his traumatic childhood can be found in his crooked little tail. Phillip is the first to greet our adoption center employees with a sweet good morning meow and is calm, regal, kind and loving. Phillip is one of the Midland Humane Coalition’s many miracle babies and he is ready for a Forever Home!

The Midland Humane Coalition rescues hundreds of dogs, cats, kittens and puppies from being euthanized Every year and is a non-profit organization. The Coalition borrows space inside PetSmart in order to give the Permian Basin an opportunity to save the life of a precious animal who is ready for a forever home. The enhanced adoption center is not a drop of service but rather a place to showcase animals that have been previously rescued from the city shelter. To learn more, visit us at www.midlandhumane.org

You can adopt PHILIP at the Midland PetSmart.
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