The Midland Humane Coalition is trying to find FAWN a Forever Home!

MIDLAND -- The Midland Humane Coalition is trying to find FAWN a Forever Home!

This is Fawn! She is a one year old white and red Jack Russell Terrier/ Red Heeler mix who loves to play. She has a loyal, energetic and brave temperament coupled with a submissive and tender spirit. She openly accepts and plays with other dogs and children and is so approachable and easy to love! Fawn is current on all of her shots and has been spayed. Stop by and see Fawn and her other furry friends at the Midland Humane Coalition, Today!

The Midland Humane Coalition rescues hundreds of dogs, cats, kittens and puppies from being euthanized Every year and is a non-profit organization. The Coalition borrows space inside PetSmart in order to give the Permian Basin an opportunity to save the life of a precious animal who is ready for a forever home. The enhanced adoption center is not a drop of service but rather a place to showcase animals that have been previously rescued from the city shelter. To learn more, visit us at

This weekend marks our 2 year anniversary and they are proud to announce that with the help of the West Texas Community, the Midland Humane Coalition has rescued over 1,800 dogs and cats from euthanization.

You can adopt FAWN at the Midland PetSmart.
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