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Flags at Half-Staff For Fallen Upton County Deputy

Flags were at half-staff today in Upton County after Deputy Billy ‘Bubba’ Kennedy was killed in the line of Duty.

Flags were at half-staff today in Upton County after Deputy Billy ‘Bubba’ Kennedy was killed in the line of Duty.

Late Wednesday night Deputy Kennedy responded to a service call at a Stripes, and when he arrived on the scene suspect Gary David Green fired shots at the officer and a gun battle ensued, which resulted in death of the Deputy and the suspect critically injured. Residents of McCamey were shaken by this incident and have mixed emotions in the wake of this tragic event.

“Bubba was a good kid, a good man, a good officer, we want people to remember him as not only a law enforcement officer but as a father, spouse, he was someone’s husband, and he was someone’s son,” said Upton County Sherriff Dan Brown.

One woman who wanted to remain off camera was at the stripes minutes before the shooting took place and remembers seeing the suspect.

“I was there 15 minutes before it happened, I guess he waited till  everybody left, he was sitting in his pickup then he just got out and even waved at us to tell you the truth,” said an Upton County resident.

A lot of McCamey residents are shaken after last night’s shooting.

“Were such a small community and everybody knows each other, so it’s real close to home,” said Upton County resident Jennifer Galen.

“It’s sad you know, you don’t expect things like that to happen, you go to bed and everything fine then you wake up and it’s all over the news,” said Upton County resident Jennifer Aguilar

Some McCamey residents don’t feel safe in their own homes and feel incidents like this can be avoided if the police had more training.

“I like the town, but I would like to see more training on our officers,” said Upton County resident Andrea Goss.

“I don’t feel safe in my house,” said an Upton County resident.

While others feel this was a random act of violence and they still feel safe in their town

“I am confident in our lawmen I think we have a good group of lawmen, things just happen regardless,” said Upton County resident Donnie Watts

There was a Vigil Tonight for the fallen officer, where almost the entire town gathered to remember the officer.

“It’s very tragic you know, these guys out there to protect us,” said an Upton County resident.

“We have a very close knit community so when something like this happens it affects all of us….The vigil is opportunity for us to band together to show each other how much we love each other,” organizer of the vigil Ken Houston.

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