Famous Mural Leaves Tall City

Famous Mural Leaves Tall City

A huge historic mural that's been in storage in Midland is no longer part of the Tall City. Jenne Anderson Reports.
MIDLAND-- It's been more than 2 years since anyone's actually seen Peter Hurd's masterpiece, The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare for It.

"The mural depicted a scene from New Mexico, all the way into Texas and Louisiana," said Artesia Library Foundation President, Peyton Yates.

The 45X14 foot mural was originally painted on a lobby wall in downtown Houston.

But, when the building that housed it was demolished in 2011, donors decided to save the painting, and store it in Midland; with the eventual goal to bring it back to the artist's home state in New Mexico.

"We are now ready to move it to atresia to take it to its permanent home,” explained Yates, “Which will be in a brand new building, a public library in atresia."

But, the 180 mile move is no easy feat.

Since the mural is completely intact, it's been encased in a custom storage frame to protect it.

"It weighs about 60 thousand pounds," stated Richard Hefler, Project Manager for the Artesia Library Foundation.
That’s why a crew has to carefully roll the artwork out of the hanger it's been stored in, and lift it onto a truck with a crane.

"The whole process is about 5 hours," explained Hefler.

Once in Artesia, engineers tell us they have their work cut out for them to get the painting inside the new library.

"The only way to put an object of this size into the building is to take a section of the roof off, and lower it through the roof," said Hefler.

Even though the Artesia library won't be open until November, the Artesia Library Foundation tells us the painting will help make the new building a New Mexico monument.

"The knowledge in the library is free,” said Hefler, “You just have to bring your own container. We're hoping the mural draws people to the library so they can take advantage of the services it has to offer."
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