Families Gather to Remember Children Who Have Passed

Families Gather to Remember Children Who Have Passed

ODESSA -- It was a night for families to come together.
ODESSA -- It was a night for families to come together.

Families who lost a child at any age and from any cause united.

"You feel like you're so alone in this, because no one really understands it and these people understand everything you're going through, they've been through it, they're going through it and everybody's just there with open arms to help you," said Kellye Northcutt, who lost her daughter in 2010.

Northcutt has been attending the worldwide candle lighting since a Compassionate Friends chapter was opened in West Texas two years ago.

"Everybody's at a different level and they're just there for eachother, supportive, they will go to balloon releases for your child to help, anything that you need, they're there, said Northcutt"

Pictures of lost loved ones were shown at the event on monitors at the Crossroads Fellowship in Odessa.

Organizers say new pictures of lost loved ones are added every year.

Larry hood, a Chaplain for Crossroads Fellowship, says now that the holidays are here, it's important to let people know that Compassionate Friends are there to help.

"It's a difficult time, but it's also a good time to keep those memories alive. Not just as an individual, but also as a family. It's so important to remember, it's part of the healing process," said Hood.

"I remember when we went through it about the same time and we found each other, we didn't have anywhere to go," said Teri Slaughter , treasurer for The Compassionate Friends of West Texas.

Slaughter says she and others created the West Texas chapter two years ago and more and more people in West Texas have come together every year to remember those lost.

Northcut says while it may take a year or so until a family is ready to come out and talk to with others, there are always people who will be available and ready to talk to you.

"The more you give back, giving in your child's memory to honor them, it just makes them feel like they're right here with you. And it's just a feeling that is so special to have all these people supporting you," Northcutt said.

For more information on The Compassionate Friends:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TCFUSA

The Compassionate Friends of West Texas Heart to Heart: (432) 703-1130

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