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UPDATE: Eric Zimmer Appointed City Manager Of Alpine

The city of Alpine has appointed a new city manager.
From Erik Zimmer's LinkdIn
From Erik Zimmer's LinkdIn
UPDATE: According to city officials in Alpine, Erik Zimmer has decided to stay on as City Manager.

The announcement was made at Tuesday's city council meeting.

UPDATE: After just eight months as city manager of Alpine, Erik Zimmer is resigning.

Many in Alpine praise Zimmer for cleaning up the city's finances, according to the Alpine Avalanche.

Zimmer says he is leaving to pursue business aspirations.

Read the full story at the Alpine Avalanche.

ALPINE -- The city of Alpine has appointed a new city manager.

Erik Zimmer accepted the position on Tuesday.

He's worked in several states in the tele-communications business, and has worked with engineers and city governments throughout his career.

Zimmer grew up in alpine but moved away in the late 80's.

He's been back since June this year.

He says "I came back to Alpine because i want to live here and raise my kids here and i found a job that matched my skill set. I want to do whatever i can to help this city."
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