Elementary School Jobs In Jeopardy

Elementary School Jobs In Jeopardy

Poor standardized test scores are putting some teachers jobs in jeopardy.
ODESSA -- Poor standardized test scores are putting some teachers jobs in jeopardy. Almost all of the staff at Ector County ISD's Goliad Elementary may not have a job in the new year because of student's low standardized test scores, but residents say this is nothing new.

"I had a student that went to Goliad, and when she graduated Permian, she could not read," said one Odessa resident.

School officials say Goliad elementary has been an under preforming school for years and one former Goliad employee believe that's why the  school sees a lot of turnover with its leadership.  

“There has been 2, 3 more principals since then and it's been the same story,” said a former Goliad Elementary worker.

With a recently passed state law, the school is now seeing consequences for the low test scores.

The Texas law states any school that has low test scores for two consecutive years will be thoroughly examined by an outside consultant, and all staff members will have to reapply for their current jobs.

Residents we talked blamed a variety of factors.

“When you start taking prayers and the pledge of allegiance, out of your school, your school is going to go downhill," said one Odessa resident.

Meanwhile Fabian Dominguez thinks teen pregnancy is to blame. The CDC reports the teen pregnancy rate in Ector County is one the highest in Texas, which is already one of the top 10 states for its rate.

 “Parents these days there are a lot of females getting pregnant at a young age and that's probably the cause, said Odessa Resident, Fabian Dominguez

Other Odessa residents feel the community as a whole needs to be held accountable.

“It's not just the teachers, it has to be the teachers, the parents the principal and the children, we must all work together to make Goliad a good school,” said another Odessa Resident.

Parents of Goliad students will have the chance to meet with ECISD leaders tomorrow to allow parents to ask questions, and get answers about the schools current situation.
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