Elementary School Goes Into "Shelter In Place"

Elementary School Goes Into "Shelter In Place"

An ECISD elementary campus went into a brief "shelter in place" Thursday afternoon.
ODESSA -- An ECISD elementary campus went into a brief "shelter in place" Thursday afternoon because of a domestic dispute.

Below is the full press release from ECISD:

A domestic dispute sent Lamar Early Education Center into a brief shelter in place
this afternoon. ECISD police received a call from the school that the ex-husband of
one of Lamar’s employees was across the street from the school, yelling and acting
erratically. When school district officers arrived the man drove away. Officers
followed him and after pulling him over, suspected he might be intoxicated. ECISD
officers detained him and then turned him over to the Department of Public Safety
on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

The shelter in place was in effect from 3:12-3:24 p.m. and did not directly impact
the afternoon dismissal which begins at 3:35 p.m. The employees at Lamar did well
in alerting officers quickly and keeping the campus safe as the situation unfolded.
As a reminder, a shelter in place is a precautionary measure used when a situation
near the school has the potential to impact the school. Any students or staff who are
outside are brought back inside and the entrances are locked and monitored.

However, inside the school activities go on as usual. This differs from a lockdown,
which is an emergency action and everything at the school – inside and outside –
comes to a stop.

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