Young Girls Build Leadership Skills Through Cheerleading

Young Girls Build Leadership Skills Through Cheerleading

Shout Cheerleading by Welton gives youth a place to learn gymnastics and hip hop dancing.

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "We don't emphasize competition, we emphasize self-esteem", said Welton Blaylock of Shout Cheerleading by Welton.

The organization focuses on building confidence in his cheerleaders.

The younger girls are drawn towards the older girls because they set a great example.

"It makes me feel special, it makes me feel like I’m needed, and it makes me feel like I’m wanted to the kids", said Advanced Shout Cheerleader, Alesha Blaylock.

"Alesha loves being a part of a positive thing, she loves giving back to the community", said Welton Blaylock.

Alesha told me it's not an easy job performing difficult dance moves.

"It is pretty hard because you have to learn all your technique and you have to memorize it", said Alesha Blaylock.

The girls perform in front of schools, at community events and right beside the West Texas Lady Drillers.

"They know that Shout Cheerleading is a stepping stone for them be a Driller", said Welton Blaylock.

This is the dream of most of Shout Cheerleaders, but some of the girls just enjoy gymnastics, especially 5- year old Lilly Zanudio.

"I like to dance, tumble, I like to cheer", said Lilly Zanudio.

You can tell by when the beat drops, her excitement shows.

"Lilly’s one of my prized dancers that will get on stage, when you see her she lights up an audience", said Welton Blaylock.

Welton’s adopted his daughter Alesha, and she has been dancing for a long time.

Starting off young helps these kids prepare if they want to get involved into competitive cheerleading later in life.

For now, Welton wants to make     sure his girls walk around with their heads held high.

"The main thing is my kids know that they can believe in themselves and know they can do anything", said Welton Blaylock.

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