Winter Sports Spectacular: Twirling

Winter Sports Spectacular: Twirling

The sport of twirling is one you don't hear or see often, but it offers its participants the values which every other sport brings.

Twirling may not be your everyday sport, but that’s what makes it so unique. And for many young girls, the fascination starts at a young age.

“My mom she just showed me all these videos and I just started loving twirling," said seven year old twirler Chelsea Morrow.

“My best friend Jalen she lives on my block," said six year old twirler Callie Goodson.

So what is it about twirling that gets you hooked?

“You get to twirl and you get to jump around and you get to have fun," Morrow said.

“You get to meet new friends," said Goodson.

Whatever the reason, twirling teaches important life lessons just life every other sport. Ask Baylor junior lead twirler Mattison Torres.

“It’s taught me so much," said Torres, "as far as how to even carry myself as a person to performance skills to hard work and dedication on my own so that’s helped me in school and sports and twirling and anything I’ve ever wanted to do I feel like twirling’s really benefited my life.”

It’s never too early to start dreaming big either.

“I want to be a Texas Tech twirler or I want to twirl at Baylor," said Torres.

And once their time is through, don’t be surprised if they give back to the sport that gave them so much.

“It’s awesome to be able to judge and come back and teach girls what I’ve learned so much from and I really want it to be a huge part of their lives as well," said Torres.

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