Winter Sports Spectacular: Tiera Johnson

Winter Sports Spectacular: Tiera Johnson

16-year-old junior Tiera Johnson has been twirling for as long as she can remember, and is aiming to extend her career into college.

There are some sports going on this Winter Olympics that just don’t get much recognition

The same could be said for the sport of twirling

“It’s fun. It’s dynamic,” says twirling instructor Marlene Torres.

For sixteen Tiera Johnson twirling has been good to her.

“She’s been Miss Major out of Texas,” Torres sadi. “She has been Miss Major out of the Southwest. She’s competed at the national level at Notre Dame University. We have nationals in July, and she’s placed very well there also.”

Her talent didn’t come over night either.

“It takes many, many hours of practice and determination,” said the 16-year-old twirler Johnson. “Blood, sweat and tears goes into it but it’s definitely worth it in the end.”

A stout resume like Tiera’s will undoubtedly help her in the next stage of twirling.

“College level is definitely the next step for me,” said Johnson.  “I want to be a feature twirler at one of these top colleges.”

But the best thing about twirling is the relationship building

“She has built relationships all over America with girls that she has met at the national level,” said Torres.

“It’s just really fun and you meet a lot of friends all around Texas and even if you go to nationals – there’s a nationals competition – and you meet girls all over the country so it’s just fun and you meet a lot of people and you just have a ball,” said Johnson.

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