Winter Sports Spectacular: Russians In Midland

Winter Sports Spectacular: Russians In Midland

When Marina Hill posted online a group for Russians in the Permian Basin this past October, she didn't think she'd get much response. To her surprise, it did, and they do many activities together, including watching the 2014 Olympics.

When Marina Hill came to West Texas, she noticed there weren’t a lot of fellow Russians she knew

So she decided to do something about it.

“I created this webpage meet up for Russians," Hill said.

The group is called Russians in Midland, and they do plenty of things together like bowling… and also watch the Winter Olympics

“Yes I’m rooting for both. Belarus, Russia and United States," said member Anna Noll.

“I support our team every day," said member Svetlana Runova.

“We watch the U.S. team as well because most of us already have U.S citizenship so we consider ourselves Americans and Russians," said Hill.

And nothing makes them happier for the rest of the world finding out what Russia is all about.

“People think that Russia is only in Siberia, but there’s parts that have palm trees and citrus trees growing and beaches," Noll said.

“For example, Sochi is one of the southest points of Russia. It’s the most southern part. It’s the warmest city in Russia," said Hill.

And while nobody is fooling them that Midland is Russia, they’ve cozied up to the Permian Basin.

“I like the people here they’re very friendly," Noll said. "I like the climate. It’s warm and sunny.”

“Really good weather," Runova said. "No winter unfortunately.”

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