Winter Sports Spectacular: Peewee Hockey

Winter Sports Spectacular: Peewee Hockey

It's the golden years to learn the sport of hockey, and for these Permian Basin young boys, they wouldn't have it any other way.

There are many reasons why children all over the world pick up the game of hockey.

“My best friend was playing it,” said Reece Whitlow.

“It’s just a family sport," said Cameron Paradiso

“It’s something I wanted to do," said Stephen Primrose.

And for these young boys, it’s the perfect time to soak in the sport.

“At the pee-wee level, hockey says that is the golden years of development from 10 years old to 12 so they’re right learning everything they can," said assistant coach Scott Wilson.

All with their peers in West Texas where football reigns supreme, making it all the more unique and bonding.

“It’s an exclusive sport and you can tell everyone you play and they’ll be jealous and stuff," Paradiso said.

“They’re like a band of brothers. They got their friends in school but then they got their hockey buddies," coach Wilson said.

And while they all love the game for a variety of reasons

“It’s fun and I like trying to score goals," said Whitlow.

“Score goals, it’s fun and I get to skate," said Paradiso.

“Contact," said Primrose

It’s still all about having fun.

“It gets a little more competitive as kids go up in brackets but bottom line is we want to keep the kids having fun, teaching the fundamentals and just loving the game," said coach Wilson.

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