Winter Sports Spectacular: Mini Mites Hockey

Winter Sports Spectacular: Mini Mites Hockey

The sport of hockey is alive and well in the Permian Basin, and for these young children, it's a whole lot of fun.

It’s normal for most parents to have their kids in organized sports at a young age

And for parents in West Texas, the introduction of their kids to hockey is not an exception

“We usually start them at age four,” said former Jackalopes player turned hockey coach Donnie Margettie, “and then if you haven’t skated before, we recommend you get used to your skates first and we help you out from there.”

While the kids are grasping the concept of the sport and skating, if you can keep them on the ice, you’re doing something right.

“I think the best thing is making it fun for these kids,” said Margettie, “and just making them want to come back so I tell the parents if they last five minutes, if they last 55 minutes, that’s great. Just keep them coming back.”

These kids love the game for a variety of reasons

“Playing the goalie,” said John Scown.

“Skating,” said Easton Margettie.

“Because they score,” said Jackson McCall Parker.

With a lot of them having the opportunity many players didn’t have growing up

“Back in Canada,” said Margettie, “we always played in the backyard and stuff, so this is great for our little kids to come out here and have fun with their families and other teams.”

All the while teaching them life lessons that come with the sport

“It teaches you how to fall down on the ice and teaches you to get back up,” said Margettie. “Hockey’s a great sport. It’s a little different here like in West Texas but it’s definitely catching on. Right now we have a count of about 150 kids playing the game of hockey here in West Texas.”

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