Winter Sports Spectacular: Larry Langford

Winter Sports Spectacular: Larry Langford

He's taught figure skating Olympians and World Championship participants. Now, Larry Langford teaches the youth right here in the Permian Basin.

Meet Larry Langford.

He’s a figure skating coach in Odessa who’s taught some of the best.

“I’ve taught students when I was in Finland who were in the world championships and the ’84 Olympics in Sarajevo,” said Langford.

Langford starting skating 60 years ago and after a brief stint with hockey, he wised up.

“I joke about it but I stayed so small for so long that I spent more time in the net than the puck did,” said Langford, “so one of the figure skating coaches got a hold of me. Knew that I already knew how to skate and so I started figure skating.”

It was after his competitive years he decided to turn to coaching.

“Later on in life,” Langford said, “when I found out that someone would actually pay me money to do something that I love to do anyhow, which is coach, cause I’ve been coaching for over 40 years.”

If it wasn’t for a friend needing help, he’d have never fallen in love with West Texas.

“After 48 hours I figured out that this was one of the best places to live,” Langford said. “The people here are wonderful.”

And throughout all the years of coaching, each day is as rewarding as the first.

“I still learn from my students as much as I try and give back to them,” Langford said. “My students teach me a lot. It’s just something. Every day is a new day.”

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