Winter Sports Spectacular: Jonathan Voyles

Winter Sports Spectacular: Jonathan Voyles

Former figure skating/hockey junior national participant Jonathan Voyles now gives back to the game and teaches some lessons he's learned along the way.

Jonathan Voyles has been on the ice since he was five, and he has the Winter Olympics to thank for getting him hooked.

“Watching figure skating on TV, said Voyles, “saw Scott Hamilton do a black flip, always wanted to do that.”

He did just that, and went on to compete in two junior nationals, plus hockey. Now he spends his time giving back to the game.

“It was an easy, easy decision for me you know instead of working some other job,” said Voyles,  “it was easy to jump back on the ice and just give back so love being on the ice.”

While the 21 year old says he still has other passions he wants to pursue, his heart will always belong in the rink.

“If I can always be on the ice and jump back and coach or skate or do shows, whatever it is, I’ll do that, absolutely, as long as I can,” Voyles said.

And he encourages anyone in the Permian Basin who’s interested in skating to get on the ice.

“If it’s something you have a passion for, you know jump out,” said Voyles. “We have, you know, there’s hockey lessons. Donnie Margettie has a great program. We have some figure skating here, some good coaches here. If you have a passion for it, jump on the ice and see how long it takes you.”

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