Wink vs. Slaton Zero Week 8/30/13

Wink vs. Slaton Zero Week 8/30/13

The Wink Wildcats traveled to Slaton for their first game of the season, and battled the Tigers.

Big expectations for the Wink Wildcats this year, would they start turning them to reality tonight against the Slaton Tigers.

Quarterback Riley Richardson, gets the bad snap, but recovers, rolls left and is sacked by the Tigers.

Next possession, a good snap here, Richardson connects with his wideout and it's off to the races from here. Wildcats, up on the board, 7-0.

Slaton possession, shotgun give to the Wildcats running back, heads to the left sideline and some nice footwork into the end zone.. touchdown Tigers.

Richardson, sees his man, goes deep but is picked off by the Tigers D. Some more sound footwork keeping them in bounds.

Tigers ball, and another long rush by them, this one longer than the last.

And the Slaton Tigers win this one over Wink, 42 to 20.

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