West Texas MVP Week Zero: Mason McClendon

West Texas MVP Week Zero: Mason McClendon

McClendon was a machine in week zero for the Mustangs as they stomped Monahans 47-7.

The Midland Christian Mustangs are trying to accomplish a feat so rare in high school football -- a three-peat -- which started last week against Monahans. And senior Mason McClendon's performance for the Mustangs was one for the record books.

"I've thrown five about four or five times but I could never get six but I threw seven" said Mason.

Try doing that in Madden. But McClendon's success didn't come overnight. This QB has put in the hours, and then some.

"He works hard. He's dreamed about doing this all of his life. He does a good job."

"He's an incredible leader, you know. In practice when things get slow he really knows how to pick things up."

A role model who Mason looks up to? One of the best in the business.

"Tom Brady. I like how he has a chip on his shoulder and how he plays the game. Everyday in practice he works like it's a game and I think that's something that I strive to do."

If you hadn't already guessed. Coach McClendon is the father to Mason, which makes the Mustangs successes all more the sweeter.

"We've been together a lot longer than just the three years. He's been in the program since... He's eighteen-years-old."

"It's a different kind of feeling. A lot of people can't understand , but honestly it's really a dream come true and it's something a lot of people can't do."

Whether or not the Mustangs win the elusive three-peat, what's it going to be like when the curtain drops at the end of the season?

"Emotional. But I'm not gonna think about it til after the game, but I'm just gonna work on each play, each snap, just focusing on that then after the season I know I have no regrets."

Reporting in Midland, Matthew Villanueva, Big 2 Sports.

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