West Texas MVP Week Two: C.J. Eddison

West Texas MVP Week Two: C.J. Eddison

A commendable performance by the Odessa High running back against its rival earned C.J. Eddison Week Three West Texas MVP honors.

It had been two years since Odessa High had defeated Permian, and last week --against their biggest rival-- Eddison exploded with nearly 200 yards and a hat trick to pair. And all CJ could think about while he was piling on the yards?

"I was just hoping my o-line was feeling okay, said senior halfback Eddison, "because they were taking care of me that game. They did their thing. Because honestly, I'm only as good as they are."

A modest answer from a very good back, so we went to Coach King to ask about Eddison

"C.J. does an outstanding job running the football, said Odessa head coach Ron King, "but you have to give a lot of credit to our offensive line."

The West Texas MVP and head coach were quick to acknowledge the success to the big boys up front. So what's it like blocking for C.J.?

"It's pretty good. It's real good actually," said senior offensive lineman Pablo Gutierrez. "He gets a lot of credit, which a lot of the offensive lineman don't get. But I've been playing with him since the seventh grade so it's been a real pleasure and just do my best so he doesn't get hurt."

The strong bond between Eddison and his o-line has produced simple, effective results.

"He's been doing a lot better about reading our butts," said Gutierrez, "Because of the chemistry that we have with him and the o-line. So, that's mostly it. I mean, we're like brothers."

Role models Eddison says he tries to emulate himself after include old-schoolers such as Jim Brown and Ernie Davis.

"They're both grind it out kind of guys. That's what I want to push for. That's the kind of person I want to be. Grind it out, tough it out, and just go with it," said Eddison.

And the Bronchos are looking to do just that -- one game at a time-- and never forgetting how far they've come from last year.

"Everybody's excited," Eddison said. "We're excited to go out and play, we're excited to be here (be)cause we know we can win ball games now, rather than go 1-9."

Reporting in Odessa, Matthew Villanueva, Big Board Sports.

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