West Texas MVP Week Six: Devan Griffin

West Texas MVP Week Six: Devan Griffin

Junior Devan Griffin took over as quarterback full-time after Jarret Doege went down early in the season, and since then the Braves have blasted through their competition -- especially in week six courtesy of Mr. Griffin.

When Iraan played its rival McCamey last week, the Badgers defense brought the heat, and Braves quarterback Devan Griffin responded - in a big way.


"They were bringing as much rush as they can -- outside and inside -- and it just opened up holes instead of throwing the ball. I just saw the hole and I went for it," said junior quarterback/defensive back Griffin


Griffin had 101 yards on the ground and one rushing touchdown, and also throwing for two more. Not bad for a guy who played wide wide receiver last year.


"Well, since he was a receiver last year," said senior wide receiver/defensive back Aaron Conn, "he knows all the routes and where to put it so it's pretty good. He knows where to put it."


And a player who's well versed in the playbook inside and out has made him all the more prepared.


"It's kind of the same as last year," said Griffin "but the fact that I know a lot more than I did last year -- his offense isn't as hard."


Don't forget his impact on the other side of the ball.


"Devin with his speed and athletic ability on the defensive side of the ball shows an ability to make some plays out there than not everyone can make," said secondary coach Craig Bales.


So what is Devan Griffin's biggest strength?


"Throwing game," said Conn.


"I think I'm a whole lot more of a running quarterback than I am a throwing quarterback," said Griffin


We took it to the unanimous vote.

"It does open up his chances to throw the football and he does have a great arm so it's hard to say one or the other but if you pin me down I'd say it's the running game," said Bales.

After digging through our 30 in 15 archive, before the season started, Devan had this to say.

"Starting out with Seagraves, a win and from there on just a win, win, win, win, win, path," said Griffin back mid-August.

He remembers like it was yesterday, and wants to be a man of his word.

"Last time we talked, I kinda mentioned a Seagraves win and win, win, win from there. I really want to hold up to my word and keep up doing that," said Griffin.

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