West Texas MVP Week Nine: C.J. Eddison

West Texas MVP Week Nine: C.J. Eddison

Senior star running back C.J. Eddison repeats for West Texas MVP honors after accounting for all five of Odessa High's five touchdowns plus 293 yards to lead the Bronchos over Midland High 35-30.

In a game with major playoff implications, Midland High was torching Odessa High 17 to nothing with 11 minutes left in the second quarter.

So what did they Bronchos do?

What they’ve been doing all season long – lean on their stable running back – C.J. Eddison – and started the 35-30 comeback with a monster touchdown run.

"It was just a great thing to see, said Odessa High head coach Ron King, "when he busted that 85 yarder and getting us momentum back and then from that standpoint there in the second half he just continued to rock and roll."

293 yards plus five touchdowns, Eddison may have rock and rolled all over the field, but he’s more of a soft listening type -- at least in regards to talking about himself.

“The o-line was taking care of business, said Eddison, "so they made it easy to explode through. You know I felt like we had to do it. We needed it and kept us in the game luckily."

So we found others to do it for him

“Well C.J. has done an outstanding job for us all year you know being our workhorse," said King.

“The dude’s a great athlete, great running back," said Bronchos senior quarterback Ryan Martinez. " I’m glad I have him right here on my side -- he can do it all.”

And after a little persistence, we got him to answer how it feels to be one of the best to put on a Bronchos jersey.

“I mean it’s an honor, and it’s an honor to play with these guys," said Eddison. "As a senior it’s our responsibility to do our job and it feels good being able to do it and contributing rather than being a negative impact on the team."

Besides his knack for putting up fantasy football numbers, Eddison is an invaluable piece of this squad

“He’s a good motivator," said Martinez. "He’s the type of kid that he ain’t gonna hang his head down. He’s the type of person to bring everyone up.”

“When we’ve needed a big lift he’s always seemed to be able to come through for us and get the kids back and rally around him and motivated,” said King.

And at the end of the day, how will people remember C.J. Eddison’s Broncho career?

“He’s gonna be remembered as one of the best over here other than Bradley (Marquez)," said Martinez "He’s just… a great running back.”

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