West Texas MVP: T.J. Brown

West Texas MVP: T.J. Brown

T.J. Brown can do just about anything on the basketball floor. <br mce_bogus="1">
T.J. Brown can do just about anything on the basketball floor.

"He can score from the outside, he can get to the bucket, he can post up, he can handle the basketball," said Midland coach Justin Hardin.

"He can shoot the basketball.  He can drive. He has the strength to go past you," said teammate Kionne Lewis. "He can body you up, and he's just an all around player."

What may be more impressive than his wide range of skills is Brown is a relative new comer.

"I use to play football a lot," said Brown. "Basketball, I didn't start playing until like 5th or 6th grade."

In that short time, thanks to hard work and dedication, Brown's game has taken flight.

"He really soaks up the information, and you know he really wants to have a chance to play at the next level," said Hardin. "He's taken all the necessary steps to make himself a better basketball player."

"I think he is the most unstoppable guy on our team," said Lewis.

His teammates and coaches say sometimes they don't even understand how Brown does some of the things he does on the basketball floor. Other times, they just don't understand what he's saying.

"The mouthpiece man...I don't even know if we can call it a mouthpiece, I don't know what that thing was," said Hardin.

"I think it's gum," said Lewis. "I'm not too positive it's a mouthpiece."

Lewis may not understand what Brown is saying, but he can do quite an impersonation.

"T.J. huh?  T.J. I can't hear you and then he'd finally take it out," said Lewis. "Y'all got...Y'all gotta get 'em."

While it may be hard for his teammates to understand him, the mouthpiece is for good reason.

"I wear it because in Plainview I got my teeth knocked out," said Brown. "Since then, I started wearing ii, and I do play with it a lot though."

Mouthpiece or not, understandable or not, the kid known to his teammates as "Ice Man," has some serious game. He has his Bulldogs on top of the standings in district 3-5A. That is why T.J. Brown is the West Texas M.V.P.  
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