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West Texas MVP: Shane Sawyer

Shane Sawyer is hoping to add a state title to his long list of accomplishments.
    It's not your average list of goals, but coming into the season Shane Sawyer wanted to break just about every record in the Midland High record book.
    The batting average record, the RBI record, the home run record...he wanted them all.
    "Shane had some huge goals, and I talked to him about that," said Midland head coach Barry Russell. "I just said, those are huge numbers your asking for, and he said that's what I want to shoot for."
    "Coach Russell looked at me and he was like, just lower your standards a little bit and I was like, no," said Sawyer.
    Sawyer broke the records for RBI's, hits and triples. Heading into this weekend, he is tied for the record for doubles and is six away from the home run record.
    "For him to accomplish those and to be solid like that through the year is a testament to him," said Russell.
     Sawyer is dazzling people with his pitching as well, something that was evident last Saturday."
    "He came in, threw one pitch and got a 6-4-3 double play to end the game," said Russell. "He walked off with a grin on his face like, that was easy...and it wasn't easy, but that was the look on his face."
    "Coming out and being able to do that it just made me realize that I'm not a bad player," said Sawyer. "I do work my butt off, and I come out here and work hard every day"
    As for the records that Sawyer still has on his list, he'll get a chance to break those this weekend when the Bulldogs take on Hurst LD Bell in the regional semi-finals.
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