West Texas Lacrosse Gives The Youth A Chance To Learn A New Sport

West Texas Lacrosse Gives The Youth A Chance To Learn A New Sport

West Texas Lacrosse is a volunteer based organization and welcome the participation of individuals who love kids and are interested in lacrosse.

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "We had a lacrosse skills clinic out here where boys came out and we did drills, ground balls, passing drills", said Co-Founder of West Texas Lacrosse Inc., Geoff Wheeler.

5th grader Austin Cook says he loves the game of lacrosse. 

"My favorite part is the face-off at the beginning", said Cook.

"This is his first time being out on the field, he picked it up like he been doing it for several months", said Wheeler.

Austin also plays basketball, since the offense moves similar with the two man game.

He caught on quickly.

Just like his buddy, 4th grader Cameron Logesdon.

"Cam  is a perfect example of someone who did not play and he really advanced quickly over the last couple of months", said Wheeler.

One of Cameron’s family members surprised him with a stick that he puts to good use, to reward his hard work.               

"My grandpa carved it from redwood and then carved it to make it look like a crooked arrow", said 4th Grader, Cameron Logesdon.

Players defend themselves with their sticks and wear protective gear, but you have to be able to take a hit.

"The roughest part is when you're going for the ball and it's on the ground, you're trying to get it and everybody is going for it so you trying to get it before everyone else does", said Cook.

Coaches say if Austin and Cameron stay focused, they have bright futures with lacrosse.                

"It’s a lot of fun for the kids", said Wheeler.

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