West Texas Girl Scouts Ask for No Abortion Talk with Young Girls

West Texas Girl Scouts Ask for No Abortion Talk with Young Girls

After a national controversy, local Girl Scouts ask that the public not speak to the young girls about abortion.
While a Midland Girl Scout troop sold cookies at Wal Mart, a man walked up to an 8-year-old girl to talk about abortion.

“My 8-year-old was there and he was right up in my face and he used the term. He said ‘how dare your troop leaders teach you about abortion,’” said Tasha Riddle, Girl Scout troop leader.

This comes after a national controversy with the Girl Scouts USA. The organization tweeted a list of prominent woman, which included a woman who is known to support aspects of abortion.

After the tweet, Pro Life Waco, an anti-abortion organization, called for a national boycott of Girl Scout cookies. They began promoting it as “CookieCott” and created a flier, which can be handed out to the parents of Girl Scouts.

“The girl Scouts USA and local council are promoting abortion rights and organizations,” said Christy Volanski, a former Girl Scout now advocating for the CookieCott.

But the problem in the Permian Basin is that various supporters of the CookieCott are coming up to the girls, instead of speaking to the parents.

“The lady walked up to her 5-year-old and was talking to her 5-year-old about Planned Parenthood,” Riddle said.

Riddle said the tweet was a bad discussion question, but assured that the Girl Scouts are not associated with any political affiliation.

“It's up to me to teach my children what our family believes in,” she said. “But it's not up to me as a troop leader to teach the rest of my girls what their family values are.”

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