West Explosion Brings Back Memories For Big Spring

West Explosion Brings Back Memories For Big Spring

The plant explosion in West is bringing back a lot of memories for people in the Permian Basin as they reflect back on the Alon plant explosion that happened 5 years ago in Big Spring. Jenne Anderson Reports.
BIG SPRING-- "That's the first time in my career that I've ever had that feeling that 'This is the one that I will die at.'" said Howard County Volunteer Fire Chief, Tommy Sullivan.

Chief Sullivan knows what it means to put your life on the line.

"Alon fire happened on February the 18th, 2008," recalled Sullivan. "I was sitting at my house when the explosion happened, and I knew that, that type of explosion could come from the refinery."

Chief Sullivan and his team were some of the first people to respond to the Alon fire.

Although no one was killed, Sullivan tells us memories of the horrific scene came rushing back as he watched the scene in west unfold.

"Looking at the videos with the real bright yellow, and the white flames tell me it was a hot fire," explained Sullivan.

And although the Howard County Fire Department hasn't been called to help with the recent explosion, Sullivan tells us he's still waiting to see if his friends on the West Fire Department made it out alive.

"I feel proud, and I feel sad because my brothers and sisters in the fire service heeded the call," said Sullivan.

Which is something these firefighters do every day to protect the people in their community.

"In the fire services sometimes that's what we have to do," explained Sullivan. "It took heroics to go in there and fight that fire."

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