Warm Weather Lasts Through The Weekend 10-8-13

Warm Weather Lasts Through The Weekend 10-8-13

Mid 80's stay in the forecast through the weekend, but we could see some rain along the way.

Mid 80's are in the forecast again.

Most areas will stay in the 85/86 range but some areas to the west will flirt with the 90 degree mark.

Midland/Odessa should be 85/86 respectively.

It will be breezy with south winds staying between 15 and 20 mph.


Same story: warm conditions around 85 with breezy winds.


Look for winds to gust to near 35 mph with temperatures staying consistent.


We have a possibility of seeing some rain on Saturday, but it will be isolated.

The best possibility will be in the eastern Basin and the lower Trans-Pecos.

A cold front will stall out before it gets here, so temps will remain in the mid 80's.
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