Warm and Windy For The Weekend 11-15-13

Warm and Windy For The Weekend 11-15-13

Temperatures will approach 80 degrees this weekend with breezy conditions today and windy conditions tomorrow

Mostly clear skies and breezy southwest winds will help temperatures reach the mid 70's all the way to the lower 80's in a few spots.

Midland/Odessa should clock in around 76 this afternoon.

Those southwest breezes will be around 10-15 mph...maybe as high as 20 from time to time.


Lows will drop into the lower 50's/upper 40's so it'll be a little more comfortable.

Winds will stay in the 10-15 mph range.


Look for some windier conditions with Permian Basin locations seeing 15-25 mph and gusts as high as 35.

These winds will be out of the west/southwest so temperatures will be very warm, above 80 in most spots.

Midland/Odessa can expect about 81 for a daytime high.


Not quite as warm, back into the mid 70's.

Next week...

Another cold front drops daytime highs back into the mid/upper 60's and overnight lows back into the 40's.
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