UPDATE: Yard Sale to Benefit Trey Rodriguez's Kids

UPDATE: Yard Sale to Benefit Trey Rodriguez's Kids

Midland's firefighter wives came together on Saturday to organize an event raising money for Trey Rodriguez's Kids.
MIDLAND, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - Trey Rodriguez's four children received over $3,000 to help their financial situation thanks to Midland's firefighter wives.  A car wash, yard sale, and bake sale, were all held on Saturday to benefit the children of Trey Rodriguez.

"The wives wanted to get together so we could show our support for the children that have lost their father. This is an extended family, and this is just what the wives do," says firefighter wife Amy Staggs.

It's an extended family always looking out for each other.

"You hear the guys talk about a brotherhood they have and it's true, they're right there next to each other and the wives are coming together to show the same thing for our husbands and children," explained Staggs.

The fundraiser quickly came to include the firefighters themselves, who could put their muscles to good use.

"Trey was one of my guys so I felt it incumbant upon me and some of the crew members to come out and help," said Firefighter Karl Staggs.

Rodriguez's fellow firefighters spoke highly of his skills, and say he was invaluable to the department.

"Trey was an extremely good employee, he was one of our better medics, they're all good, but he was just really up there on the cutting edge," he said.

Staggs says he's thrilled with Midland's show of support.

"It means alot, we're just trying to raise funds to help his kids and we've had an extremely strong turnout."

As a bonus for attending the sale, firefighters gave those in attendance the chance to cool off, spraying them with water from a fire engine.

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