UPDATE: Woman Arrested in Connection to Animal Cruelty at Grooming Business

UPDATE: Woman Arrested in Connection to Animal Cruelty at Grooming Business

Police tell Local Big 2 News that a woman now faces charges after two dogs were found dead last month.

ODESSA, TX (Local Big 2 News) - A 22-year-old woman faces two counts of animal cruelty after two dogs were found dead at an Odessa grooming business back on July 29, according to police.

Officers arrested Amber Sais on Wednesday. She's accused of cruelty to "non-livestock" animals, which is a Class-A misdemeanor.

Police say that an investigation revealed Sais had been in "custody, care and control" of 'Doggie Boutique' on Maple in Odessa, where the dogs where found dead.

Sais didn't provide food, water or shelter for the animals, police say. She was taken into custody on Wednesday and then taken to the Ector County Law Enforcement Center, according to police.


ODESSA, TX (Local Big 2 News) - A call about possible animal cruelty at Doggie Boutique leads to a deadly discovery inside.

"Four dogs inside the business. Two of which appeared to be deceased and two of which appeared to be still alive," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur, public information officer for the Odessa Police Department.

I Spoke with Randy Beckner, who tells me his ex-wife owns the business.

He tells me he called animal control after the manager of the shop found the two dead dogs.

"They're obviously in danger, as a result, we took action and obtained a search warrant," LeSueur said.

Beckner declined to be interviewed on camera, but says the shop manager claimed she was at the shop Monday and that the dogs were fine.

However, he says animal control officials told him the dogs had been dead for two days.

Neighbors in the area say they feel for the dogs owners.

"An animal that's been deceased for that long, it's simply inexcusable," said Rachel Hill, an Odessa resident.

Beckner explains he doesn't directly work for Doggie Boutique and believes the dogs may have been victims of starvation or heat exhaustion.

It's a tragedy he says he's sad to see happen, and neighbors agree.

"Especially this time of year, they should be there two to three times a day, making sure everybody has food and water and plenty of exercise," Hill said.

"People consider their dogs like part of the family, I mean ours is. So, I would feel that they would be heart broken."

Police say the owner of the Doggie Boutique could be facing felony charges of cruel confinement and neglect.

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