UPDATE: Scammer Posing as Sheriff's Deputy

UPDATE: Scammer Posing as Sheriff's Deputy

Fort Stockton officials warn residents of a recent scammer who is making calls claiming to be Pecos County Sheriff Chief Deputy T.J. Perkins.
FORT STOCKTON, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - A new phone scam targets Fort Stockton residents. The Pecos County Sheriff's Office says one man making phone calls claims to be Chief Deputy TJ Perkins is a phony.

"Yes, this is Chief Deputy TJ with the Pecos County Sheriff's Office," said a recording of an unknown person claiming to be Pecos County Sheriff Chief Deputy T.J. Perkins. He called Fort Stockton resident Mike Smith Sunday afternoon asking to speak with Smith's wife.

"He said it's T.J. Perkins with the Sheriff's Department, well I know T.J. personally so I said T.J., this is Mark, and he didn't respond like he didn't recognize me or anything, so I kind of had my suspicions," said Mark Smith a Fort Stockton Resident.

Smith, who's actually a friend of Chief Deputy Perkins, asked him about the call the next day.

"TJ showed up here at the dealership Monday Afternoon so I asked him what did you need with my wife, he said what are you talking about? So obviously together we figured out it was some kind of scam going on," said Smith.   

When the real Chief Deputy T.J. Perkins found out, he looked into what this person could be after.  A few other people have come forward after receiving a similar phone call. 

"They are probably either out there to try to get you to pay a fine, personal information, credit card information, pay a fine, some kind of scam going on. That's when I alerted the public it's not me calling," says Perkins.

So far, the Pecos County Sheriff's Office are unable to trace the call.

"We've researched it, looks like a spoof phone, they switch back and forth on phones with these scams and these phones have been turned off so we can't track them and come up with anything," Chief Deputy TJ Perkins said.

The Sheriff's office will not call you looking for information.

"The JP (Justice of the Peace) collects the fines, we don't collect fines, we don't take information from the phone or anything like that," Perkins added.

If you receive one of these calls, do not give them any personal information. Instead, you are asked to call the real Pecos County Sheriff's Office at 432- 336 - 3521 to file a report.

FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS (Local Big 2 News) - Phones are ringing in Fort Stockton with a caller on the other end identifying himself as a sheriff's deputy, and he might be trying to collect bogus fines, according to officials.

The Pecos County Sheriff's Office tells Local Big 2 News that the caller says that he is "Chief Deputy T.J. Perkins" of the Pecos County Sheriff's Office Warrants Division. 

Officials tell us that the Pecos County Sheriff's Office does not collect fines over the phone.

If you or someone you know receives one of these calls, call police or the sheriff's office right away.

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