UPDATE: Man Wanted by Police After Threatening Doctor at Gunpoint

UPDATE: Man Wanted by Police After Threatening Doctor at Gunpoint

Odessa police say a man demanded a doctor's car keys at gunpoint early Tuesday morning.
ODESSA, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- A doctor is threatened with a gun at the Medical Center Hospital Family Health Clinic.

"She got out of her vehicle, she turned around, she was approached by a Hispanic male who pointed a gun at her and demanded the keys to her vehicle," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur, public information officer for the Odessa Police Department.

LeSueur says the 56-year-old pediatrician stood up to the would-be robber.

LeSueur says she refused to give the man her keys.

And instead screamed loudly, scaring him off.

"I think that was very courageous of her,"said Sonja Roy, an Odessa resident.

Neighbors around the clinic say this hits close to home.

"Being an older lady, I think it's just awful the way things are going in this town right now," said Carol Minjarez, an Odessa resident.

Minjarez says this makes her think what she might do if she were in a similar situation.

"I think I'd holler, 'cause I use a cane and smack him in the side of the head with the cane," Minjarez said.

Police say the woman did the right thing, making noise and to grabbing the attention to others.

"Make as much noise as possible. Try to alert anybody, any bystanders that could potentially be near by," said LeSueur

And it helped. Lesueur says a 17-year-old witness chased after the robber until he turned around and pointed a gun at teen.

Neighbors say they're happy the robber was stopped.

"Anybody who stands up against someone doing something wrong is good. But when it's somebody, a caretaker, they really take their word seriously," Minjarez said.

The robber is described as as Hispanic man between 5'4 and 5'7 at 170 pounds.

Police say he wore a blue shirt with a blue bandanna covering his face and took off in an older model white Ford tuck with a black flatbed.

ODESSA, TX (Local Big 2 News) - A gunman is on the run after holding up a doctor in a parking lot and demanding her car keys, according to police.

Officers responded just before 9 on Tuesday morning to the 800 block West Clements after a reported armed robbery.

Police say that a pediatrician at Medical Center Hospital had just got out of her vehicle when a Hispanic man pointed a gun at her and demanded her car keys. The 56-year-old woman refused to give the man her keys and started screaming, which led to the suspect running away, according to police.

A bystander chased the suspect through the parking lot until the suspect turned and pointed that same gun at the bystander, police say. The suspect then got into the passenger side of an older-model white Ford truck with a black flatbed as the vehicle drove off, according to officers.

Neither the bystander or the woman were injured. Police describe the suspect as a Hispanic man about 5'7 tall, weighing 170 pounds. Police also say that there might have been three people in the getaway truck.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call Odessa police or Odessa Crimestoppers at 432-333-TIPS

The investigation continues.

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