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UPDATE: Man OK After Home Invasion, Neighborhood Shaken

A quiet Odessa neighborhood was the site of a car break-in, two robberies, and a home invasion on Wednesday.
UPDATE: Bryan Payne was indicted in Ector County Thursday.

He's being charged with one count of aggravated kidnapping, one count of aggravated assault, two counts of burglary and one count of aggravated robbery.

UPDATE 10-24-13 28 year old Bryan Payne is facing burglary charges for the home invasion robbery on Orchid.

UPDATE: Police now have a description of the man they're looking for.

Corporal Steve Lesueur says he's a hispanic male, 5'8, medium build, mid 30s, and has several tattoos on his neck and face.

ODESSA -- A quiet Odessa neighborhood was the site of a car break-in, two robberies, and a home invasion on Wednesday.

In the most recent event, the owner was home, had his hands bound by the invader, and had many belongings taken right in front of him.

This all happened at the 4600 block of Orchid lane, just off the JBS Parkway.  It's an upper-middle class neighborhood where residents usually feel safe, but now there's an tension on the block that wasn't there before.

J.R. Pickens has lived on the 4600 block of orchid lane for the past ten years.

He says it's normally a very quiet, safe place, but now police tape and the mobile crime lab taint the normally beautiful neighborhood.

Pickens had many tools stolen early Wednesday morning.

"Virtually all of my hand tools and my welding rig," Pickens said.

The police were able to recover many of Pickens' tools, but later on, a much scarier scenario took place just a few houses down.

"Tied him up with several random cords," Corporal Steve LeSueur said.

Someone broke into a house, tied up the owner, stole several electronics and clothes, then took the truck right out of the driveway.

He wasn't injured, but those who live on the block are shaken.

Neighbors around the home invasion aren't saying much, suffice it to say that's it's normally a very quiet community.

"I've never had anything broken into or taken," Pickens said.

As he was leaving, Pickens said he was going to invest in some new locks, and beef up security at his house.

Police are on the lookout for the truck that was stolen.  It's described as a 4-door white long-bed Dodge 3500.

If you have any information regarding the truck or the break -ins, you're asked to call Odessa Police at (432) 333-3641.

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