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UPDATE: Alpine Woman Accused of Stealing $150,000 In Father's Social Security Benefits

Alpine, TX (Big 2 News) - Now authorities are asking for your help the find the woman's mother.
UPDATE: Now Brewster County authorities are asking for your help to find Judith Broughton's mother.

Here are the full details from the Brewster County Sheriff's Officer:

Mary Elizabeth Broughton
Terlingus Ranch, Texas
80 years old
160 lbs
White Hair
Blue Eyes

Last seen between the middle of February and early March of this year.

At this time we are seeking leads on the whereabouts of Broughton. It is unknown if she is a victim of foul play or has willingly moved to an unknown location somewhere in the United States. Broughton is the mother of Judith Marie Broughton, who was arrested on April 10th by federal agents for Social Security Fraud.

The Brewster County Sheriff's Office has initiated a search for Broughton in south Brewster County. Other areas of interest are being investigated as well. If you have any leads that may help us locate Broughton, please call the BCSO at 432-837-5541 or 432-837-3488. All leads will be followed up.

Alpine, TX (Big 2 News) - These are pictures taken by the Brewster County Sheriff's deputies.

This is the home of Judith Maria Broughton.

"She lived with like eight dogs and six cats. And they were pretty vicious I mean, they were ready to attack, they were barking," said Captain Edward Codorza with the Brewster County Sheriff's Department.

According to Codorza, Broughton stole more than $150-thousand dollars from her father's social security benefits.

With the help of a cadaver dog, her father's body was found mummified inside the Econo self storage unit in Lexington, Kentucky on January 8th.

Brewster sheriff officials say social security administration officials had been sending Broughton's father social security checks to Broughton's home address in Terlingua.

It's reported that the checks were deposited into an account at Fort Davis State Bank, an account in Broughton's father name.

However, social security administration had never heard from her or her father.

"So they started making phone calls. Maybe a checkup from a doctor or some kind of you know, welfare check," Cordoza said.

Cordoza says that's when Social Security Administration started to believe Broughton's father may be deceased.

"Is she still you know, receiving his mail, is she impersonating him to receive these benefits," said Cordoza.

The Brewster County Sherrif's Department assisted in the investigation by securing Broughton's home so her home could be searched.

"Get these documents, proving that she was taking her dad's social security funds," Cordoza said.

Cordoza tells me Broughton's mother had been living with Broughton but has not been seen since early march.

Broughton has been indicted in U.S. District Court in Texas.

Broughton pleaded not guilty.
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