Two Arrested in Wake of Midland Shooting

Two Arrested in Wake of Midland Shooting

A 38 year old man and 14 year old boy are under arrest in connection with a murder two weeks ago.
MIDLAND TX (Big 2 News) - Shermon Valentine Ranson and a 14 year old boy arrested are facing murder charges, after a shooting on West Cowden Ave left one man dead. Midland officials say the 14 year old boy pulled the trigger, but Ranson gave him the gun.

Sara Higgins, Midland's Public Information Officer says, "One of the juvenilles, the 14 year old suspect, he actually handed a handgun to and directed him to shoot through the front door of Mr. Hemphill's residence."

Investigators discovered the boy walked into the courtyard of Hemphill's apartment complex and fired multiple times through Hemphill's front door.

"This was one of those cases with a long back story, so it took officers about two weeks to do the investigation, they wanted to make sure they got it right," explains Higgins.

One of Hemphill's neighbors says Hemphill seemed like a normal person.

"The only thing that worried me is this kid who got shot, he had no reason to be shot," says Hemphill's neighbor, Ozell Shaw.

However, officials clarified that the murder was in connection with a drug deal.

"Ranson was involved in some kind of drug deal that went wrong, and directed the 14 year old to shoot Mr. Hemphill for retaliation," described Higgins.

Right now it's unclear whether the 14 year old boy will be tried as an adult or as a juvenile.

"That's up to the courts to decide but in our eyes he's a juvenille," says Higgins.

Officials also say there was a second juvenile in the car at the time of the shooting, but he will not be charged.
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