Thousands Killed Every Summer in Drownings

Thousands Killed Every Summer in Drownings

Midland firefighters train for response to a near drowning.
MIDLAND, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - Kids out of school and looking to cool off, but danger can surround the water. Drowning kills thousands of people every summer. The Midland fire department wants you to help prevent drownings this year. Over four thousand people die every summer from drownings across the U.S.

Two groups most at risk include children under the age of five who are left unsupervised, and young men between fifteen and twenty five who take needless risks.

Firefighters took to the Washington City pool in Midland Thursday to learn what to do in case of a near drowning. They demonstrated the treatment and recessitation of a person found unconscious in a pool. It only takes a brief moment for a beautiful summer day to turn tragic.

"A child can fall into the water very quickly and in just a matter of seconds a child can be out of your view," says Midland Fire Marshall David Hickman.

Hickman recommends learning CPR, and calling 9-1-1 immediately if you find anyone who may have drowned. Unlike the myths you've probably seen, victims will probably not yell for help or wave their hands in the air, because they will be trying to breath and swim.  Three ways you can prevent drownings include securely locking gates to your pools, teaching children to swim, and adults should avoid alcohol when swimming.
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