The West Texas Drillers Host Midland's Biggest Anti-Bullying Rally

The West Texas Drillers Host Midland's Biggest Anti-Bullying Rally

A concert was held at Grande Communications Stadium to help raise funds for preventing future suicides due to bullying.

"Seeing so many kids nowadays have to go through bullying, that is just unfortunate. What we’re trying to do is make somewhat of a difference", said musical artist, Brian Milson.

This is the biggest anti-bullying rally Midland has ever seen.

The community joined together after the West Texas Drillers beat the Texas Skyforce.

Our own Big 2's Stephanie Sobic and Horace Brown hosted the anti-bullying concert on Sunday.

"When I was growing up, I experienced a lot of bullying and stuff, but it's really cool, to give back to the community", said musical artist, Justin Langston.

Giving back is important to Langston, who performed along with other artists in an effort to put a stop to bullying.

"We cut a song last year called "Nothing grows in Shadows" just for this cause", said Milson.

This cause helps victims of the bullied stand up and gives students the opportunity to promote change in their schools.

"It won't happen overnight but long as we can just get in the right direction, we're moving forward", said Milson.

Langston believes he learned a valuable lesson from being bullied as a child.

"I guess I know the value of how to treat people", said Langston.

If you are a victim of being bullied or know someone who needs help.

The artist has some valuable advice for you.

"I would just want to tell everyone to keep their head up if they are experiencing a little bit of bullying", said Langston.

Overall, the “Stand Together” performers were happy to be a part of an important event.

"To do something that's such a great cause for such an unfortunate topic, it's just an honor", said Milson.

Click here to view the "Stand for the Silent" Official Facebook Page:

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