The Importance of Putting

The Importance of Putting

Here in West Texas you can play golf year round.&nbsp; So <strong>Big 2</strong> has partnered once again with Golf Headquarters to bring you Golf Tips every Sunday night at Ten.
Tonight golf pro Mike Crosser teaches our very own Horace Brown the importance of putting.

Mike:  I teach two things when I teach golf  for putting.  The first thing is it's called double D.  The first one is distance.  Never leave a put short.  If it never goes in it's going to cost you a stroke.  So do not ever leave it short.  Okay.  The next thing is direction.  Am I left or am I right.  Do I play the break do I not.  So, so we'll give up distance for direction.   I want to make sure you're long and the reason why I always want to make sure you're long cause then you can watch the put coming back you know which way it's going to break.  If it's short you'll never have any idea which way it's gonna break.  It's a guess.

Horace:  Absolutely.

Mike:  Okay.  So make sure this put this ball always goes to the hole if you can.  This is the most important part of golf is putting.

Horace:  Play the hole so.

Mike:  Okay.

Horace:  I'll go straight at it.  I'll try to anyway.

Mike:  Look at you!  You're way better than those other two I had out here.

Horace:  Ha ha!
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