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The Genesis Center: A New Place To Call Home

This non-profit organization is about to open its doors to women and children, in need, right here in the Basin.
MIDLAND, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- A local non-profit organization, the Genesis Center, is about to open its doors to more than a hundred women and children right here in the Basin.

"The new face of homelessness is a mother sleeping in the car with her children," said Director of Women's Services at The Genesis Center Renee Morris.

Renee Morris sees this problem popping up around the Basin.

"It's the best of times for some, but it is the worst of times for others," said Morris.

But things are about to get a lot better for women and their children. After almost a year under construction, The Genesis Center will open its doors to those in need.

"There is more need in our community than there is resources, and so we're another resource," said Morris.

Morris is the Director of Women's Services at The Genesis Center and she tells me this center is one of a kind.

"Nobody does a hundred women and children," said Morris.

The twelve month program will help women get off their feet.

"They have the opportunity to come here and learn life skills to be empowered, to grow to learn," said Morris.

The center held a benefit concert Friday night to bring awareness to the fact that this is a place that is here to help.

"I think a place like this is needed in the Permian Basin," said performer Brian Gravelle.

Brian Gravelle, one of the performers tells me he's happy to be part of such a great cause.

"Helping people, it's a good thing," said Gravelle.

And Morris wants the community to know they will help women, no matter the cause.

"We will serve women and children in crisis whether she's sleeping in her car with her children, whether she's paroling out of prison, or whether there's domestic violence," said Morris.
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