Texas Tech Medical Library Opens in Odessa

Texas Tech Medical Library Opens in Odessa

A new health sciences library is now accessible to residents in the Basin.
ODESSA, TX -- A medical library is opening its doors in the Permian Basin.

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center officially opened its library to the public Tuesday.

We're told you will be allowed to use materials and databases on campus, free of charge, unless you're looking to take home some of the material.

"To check out a book they would need to get a membership, it's $100 non refundable, and that does give them limited check out rights," Eric Wilkinson, associate library director, says.

"But, it also allows them to do what's called inter-library loan where we can get the books from other libraries."

Staff members tell us the library offers specific information on various diseases and medications.

It'll be open seven days a week.
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