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Texas Man Walking Across Country For Wounded Warriors

Raising money for wounded warriors one step at a time.
Chasing the Sun 2013
Chasing the Sun 2013
MIDLAND -- Raising money for wounded warriors one step at a time. Austin Shirley, his dog Archer a Siberian Husky and friend Bryan Cochran have been walking across the entire continent raising money for wounded warriors; specifically wounded Wear.

Wounded Wear is a charitable organization that specializes in providing prosthetic or charitable donations to men and women who are injured while serving in the military.

Their cause is called "Chasing the Sun 2013".

Throughout the duration of their hike, here are few of guidelines they have made:

- maintain a 16 mile per day average
- sleep under the stars in tents and hammocks
- not spend any money on shelter; however, if through our support system if someone is willing to give us a bed for a night, they will not refuse.
- Anyone is allowed to hike with us at any point in time

Shirley who is a Navy Veteran himself has a goal of raising $50,000 for the organization by the time he reaches San Diego, California which he hopes will happen sometime by the end of March.

Link to their Chasing The Sun 2013 Facebook Page
Link to their donation page http://www.crowdrise.com/chasingthesun2013/fundraiser/bainarcher
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